Hyper Hypnotizer XL Gold x Black/Gold

Hyper Hypnotizer XL Gold x Black/Gold
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Hyper Hypnotizer XL Gold x Black/Gold
Hyper Hypnotizer XL from Musky Safari Tackle Company.
This is new flashabou bodied bucktail unlike any other on the market. It features several new concepts that no other bucktail has.
First, its made with Musky Safari’s unique “clevis lock” that keeps this bait’s clevis’s 180*degrees apart at all times. The “clevis lock” insures the blades are kept at their optimum position to start spinning immediately upon retrieval. This is the best starting double bladed bucktail you’ve ever fished!
Second, this bait is made with two totally different shape blades…an Indiana and Mag Willow. These two different blades provide a totally different vibration when teamed up together on the same bait.
Third, each blade has a “rib pattern” to help move more water and create additional turbulence.
Forth, the blades on this bait were purposely made so one is heavier than the other. This causes the bait to “shake” slightly when retrieved for even more vibration.
This is a very different bucktail. Fish one and you’ll easily see it’s like no other.

Bait specs:
length – 10 inches + twister tail***weight – 3.5 oz***# of hooks – 2***hook size – 3/0 Mustads
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