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Phoenix Glide Baits


The "Phoenix" is a glide bait unlike any other. Inspired by legendary lures like the "Amma Bama" and the original "Striker." The best characteristics of both were taken and the "Phoenix" was born.

This lure excels as a glide bait, fish it with sweeping motions on the rod with random pauses, this will create a darting side to side gliding action with the lure rising slowly on the pause, triggering vicious strikes. The "Phoenix" can also be fished a twitch bait or trolled very effectively at lower speeds. This makes the "Phoenix" one of the most versatile big fish lures in any fisherman's arsenal!

Handcrafted one at a time, these lures are made with the finest materials from the salt water rated stainless steel hardware, heavy duty hooks, built-in solid wire leader, and a 4-step finishing process including a diamond coat top finish. The "Phoenix" is one of the toughest, best looking, and longest lasting lures available today.
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