Musky Safari Short Bus Tapper 7" Bull Head

Musky Safari Short Bus Tapper 7" Bull Head
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Short Bus Tapper 7" Bull Head

The “Short Bus” prop tail surface bait features a wood body with through wire construction. It’s belly weighted…which prevents the bait from rolling on fast retrieves and stabilizes the bait in big waves.

The over-sized brass tail throws a ton of water…. and makes a noise all it’s own. The middle hook hits the tail assembly and acts like a “clacker”.

The heavy 3/0 hooks are spaced so they can’t tangle with each other and are attached with stainless steel split rings. The 3D eyes are counter sunk and anchored by the clear coat.

This is a high quality bait that big fish love to eat and won’t fall apart when they do so.

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